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PSK Champion Mister Mio King Black PSK Klubsieger  

DOB: 26-06-2014
Deceased: -
RegNo: CMKU/NP/2054/14 // VDH16DP 03U00084
Color: Black/Tan
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 1.68%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 93.5%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 58)
Mister+Mio+King+Black Mister+Mio+King+Black Mister+Mio+King+Black
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
Fly'Zen Star of Elune
Fly'Zen Star of Elune
Ceriinan Quiero to Aritaur Ww12 JWw11
Ceriinan Quiero to Aritaur
SE UCH SE V-00 SE V-01 Lilla Enebys Leonardo
C.I.B FIN SE NO CH NOV-95,97&98 Yarracitta Reticcarudolf
SE UCH Havalidens Watch Out For The Weasel
CIB, CH Fin, Se, Dk, NordW04 Ceriinan Dahlia
NO UCH NORD VV-11 SE UCH Lilla Enebys Qing Mickey mouse
C.I.B FIN SE DK NO EE RU CH FINW-99 FINW-00 BALTW-01 FINW-03 FIN Ceriinan Tanita
CH: Fin. Ceriinan Malaya
CH: Fin. Ceriinan Arnold
Gribbans Arno
CH: Fin. Ceriinan Tanya
Tequila Black Bohemia
Andy Reckovice
CH: Cz Janette Rozárka
Xitamiz Xpenzive Gem
Xitamiz Xpenzive Gem
Nor/Sw/Nw/Dk/Fin Ch Se UCh SKBV-Winner, Int. Ch. Xitamiz Kaxe
AM Ch,Fin Ch Laatain Baron
Fin Ch Ceriinan Carolus
Ceriinan Jilla
Xitamiz Elaiza
DE&VDH CH DK CH EUW-97 INT CH PL CH Salto z Pyšelky
NO UCH SE UCH Lilla Enebys Laiza
SEUCH Nevars Joyful
Am Ch Xitamiz Moltaz
Sw Ch Xitamiz Hickory
Xitamiz Gehenna
Am Ch Ravenred Annie Oakley
Am/Can/CFC/Aus Gr Ch/GPCNSW Gr Ch Nellinda Hangzhou
Aus Ch Weeacre Foxy Lady
Int/Cz Ch Fantastic Melody vom Awarenring
Fantastic Melody vom Awarenring
JCh Int/Sk Ch Sini-Minin Fantastic
Sini-Minin Fantastic
Fin Ch Sini-Minin Don Huan
Duffyco's Nelson
Jason vom Awarenring
KSg., Dt. Ch. PSK, Dt. Ch. VDH Dolly vom Münchhof
Fin/Ee Ch Sini-Minin Bisse
AM Ch,Fin Ch Laatain Baron
CH: Fi, Se, No, Ee, JMV98 Melusiinan Examelia
FI UCH Rivendells Cinimini
SE UCH Lilla Enebys Mad-Ghibli
JSg. '93+'95, ISPU-Sg., A-BSg. '97+'98, JVetSg. '98+'99 Basko von Kuki Klbsg., Dt. Bsg. '91+'92, Dt. Ch. PSK+VDH, A-Ch., A-BSg.
DK UCH SE UCH Lilla Enebys Krabban
AU CH SE UCH NORD VW-11 Kaitler Haggiths Blessin
EJgdsg. ´93, NL-Ch., NZ-Ch., AUS.-Ch Haggith de la Barque de l'Esprit
Aust/NZ CH Kaitler Electric Voltage
JgCh Nadine vom Awarenring
Nadine vom Awarenring
KSg. Arwin vom Robinienhof
JJgdsg. 2001, ESg. 2002, KSg. Duffyco's Fellini
SE UCH SE V-00 SE V-01 Lilla Enebys Leonardo
KSg., Dt. Ch. PSK, Dt. Ch. VDH Dolly vom Münchhof
Wiebke vom Robinienhof
Bino vom Fürstental
JJgdsg. '97, Dt. BJgdsg. '97, JSg. '98, KSg., Dt. Ch. PSK Quarlotta vom Robinienhof
Xanthi vom Awarenring
CH: Fin, FinW98, KB Sg Ceriinan Levis
Fin Ch Ceriinan Carolus
CH: Fin, FinW91, EuW91 Ceriinan Unramari
K/J Sg H Ch Shary vom Awarenring
Int. Ch., EJgdsg. '98, Österr. BJgdsg. '98, Kbsg., Dt. Ch. PSK, Duffyco's Basil Dt. Ch. VDH, ISPU-KSg., Österr. KSg., SF-Ch., S-Ch., Mittelosteu
INT-CH, A-CH, ISPU-Sieger, A-Jgd-CH Gipsy vom Awarenring
Direct offspring
With: Junior CH VDH, LUX Junior CH Dark Angels Written in the Stars Benelux Junior Winner, PSK Klubjugendsieger, PSK Klubsieger
Dark Angels I am Legend
With: Dark Angels Une jolie Fleur
Novak d'à côté du Zwin
With: LUX Junior CH, VDH Junior CH, LUX CH, PSK CH, VDH CH Dark Angels Only One Covergirl Reserve JWW'2011, ISPU Klubsieger, PSK Klubsieger
C.I.B., VDH J-Ch Dark Angels Lost and Found BIS,BIS2, Ksg., Kjsg., Bjsg., Frühjahrssieger, Alpen Sieger, Saa
With: Sanny Monkey Monika
Nero vom Sylbachtal
With: Isis vom schwarzen Juwel
Osis-Thor de Chésopelloz
From same sire and dam:
Melody of my Soul King Black
Maya Black Pearl King Black
Melody of my Life King Black
Mirabell King Black
Mata Hari King Black
Metheew King Black
From same sire (Fly'Zen Star of Elune):
With: Galla Star of Elune
C.I.B., Deutscher Champion (VDH), Czech Champion, Polish Champio LA'RS Star of Elune
HJCH HCH HSCH HGCH La'Certa Star of Elune
With: Fire Dreams Daly-Niobe
Österr. Champ, Slo. Champ, Rum. Champ, Rum Grand Champ, C.I.B. Hey Redmen von Burg Wildenstein
Hell Angel von Burg Wildenstein
With: Bele von den Spessartwächtern
Damisi Lilly von den Spessartwächtern
Bright Fox Vot A Pretty
With: Unforgettably GP Georgina at Elune
Golden Rose Star of Elune
With: Waldschatz Yaguarizia Grazia
Hot Shot Star of Elune
Hot or Not Star of Elune
Hot Chili Star of Elune
Hot Colada Star of Elune
From same dam (Fantastic Melody vom Awarenring):
With: Int. Ch., ChCz, JChCz Drym Pinscher King Black
Isis Nordic Princess King Black
Iron Drym's Legacy King Black
Izabella King Black
Indy is my new Hope King Black
Ishatar it is she King Black
Imorion nice boy King Black
With: JCH: PL, Fabi Granda Wesołków
Ludvìk King Black
Lucky Luciano King Black
Little Maya King Black
With: POLAND CHAMPION Lilla Enebys Yum' Yazz
New Star King Black
With: Cz Ch, CH.GR., CH.BOSN. Just One Red Angel King Black
Orianna King Black
Orklan King Black