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Fin/Ee Ch Sini-Minin Bisse  

DOB: 23-08-2003
Deceased: -
RegNo: FIN 45029/03
Color: Red
Country of origin: Finland
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 3.88%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 80.6%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 50)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
AM Ch,Fin Ch Laatain Baron
Laatain Baron
Fin Ch Ceriinan Carolus
Ceriinan Carolus
CH: Fin. Ceriinan Tony
C.I.B NORD CH Ceriinan Jidi
CH: Fin. Paderborner Grego
C.I.B NORD CH Ceda vom Haingraben
CH: Fin. Ceriinan Nefer-Nefer
CH: Fin, Se, Munkin Rasmus
CH: Fin. Ceriinan Yenina
Of Leijliden Lex Vilax
CIB, CH: Se Vilax vom Pferdewinkel
CIB, CH: Nord, DK, NordW 84-86 Of Leijliden Quella-Donna
Ceriinan Sandra
FIN SE CH NORDW-83 Of Leijliden New-Lord
CH: Fin, Nor, Ceriinan Kristal
Ceriinan Jilla
Ceriinan Raymond
CIB, CH: Nord, Ceriinan Moses
CH: Fin. Ceriinan Harzo
CH: Fin, Nor, Ceriinan Kristal
FI CH Asko vom Warturm
FI CH Ceriinan Imogene
Queennie von Werner Junghof
Igor von Werner Junghof
Furca von Werner Junhof
Erica von Werner Junghof
Kim von Werner Junghof
INT-, Dt.-, Lux.-, NL.-, Österr.-, Fr.-, B-, Dt.-. Monaco-, CH-C Nicot de Raineval
Erica von Werner Junghof
CH: Fi, Se, No, Ee, JMV98 Melusiinan Examelia
Melusiinan Examelia
Of Leijliden Orius
Of Leijliden Harper
FI CH Vedhauge Kivi
Andi vom Warthügel
Assia vom Horster Moor
CH: Fin. Waldschatz Ramaschee
FI SE CH Of Leijliden Qvick-Step
Waldschatz Piquirizia
Of Leijliden I-Hanne
CH: Fin Of Leijliden Erno
CH: Fin, Se, Dorthonion Denethor
CH: Fin. Waldschatz Ramaschee
Quency vom Haingraben
JJgdsg. '88, Klbsg., Dt. Ch. PSK, Dt. Ch. VDH, JSg. '90 Hero vom Warthügel Österr. Ch., WSg. '90
Dt. Ch. PSK, KSg. Pia vom Haingraben
CH: Fin. Liliefix
CH: Fin. Khaireddin Lauffeuer
FI CH Ceriinan Lennard
C.I.B NORD CH Ceriinan Jidi
FI CH Serenan Aryatta
FI CH Wallaby's Aquila
Of Leijliden Nell-Ami
Ceriinan Tintarella
C.I.B NORD CH Ceriinan Jidi
CH: Fin. Paderborner Grego
C.I.B NORD CH Ceda vom Haingraben
CH: Fin. Ceriinan Nefer-Nefer
CH: Fin, Se, Munkin Rasmus
Direct offspring
With: Duffyco's Nelson
Fin Ch Sini-Minin Don Huan
Sini-Minin Daami
Sini-Minin Donna
Fi ACh Sini-Minin Diina
With: Fin Ee Ru Ch Pacco vom Awarenring
Sini-Minin Greta
With: Se Ch Rivendells Emir
Sini-Minin Karate Kid
With: Lars vom Blauen Wunder
Fin EE Ch Sini-Minin Nando
From same sire and dam:
Sini-Minin Big Boy
From same sire (Laatain Baron):
With: Of Leijliden Pandora
Fundora's Deianeira
With: Fin Ch Rowan-Alley's Jamaica Jane
Sini-Minin Air Bag
With: Xitamiz Elaiza
Nor/Sw/Nw/Dk/Fin Ch Se UCh SKBV-Winner, Int. Ch. Xitamiz Kaxe
Xitamiz Kenzo
Xitamiz Kaztor
With: Idaco's Filly Fiona
Am Ch Clefell's Jaguar
Clefell's Joyrider
Clefell's Jetsetter
With: CIB,CH: Fin, Se, EE, BaltW02 Clefell's Grande Dame
Am Ch Clefell's Katitzi BN CD RAE AXP AJP CGC
Fin/Es/Lt Ch Clefell's Kosmopolitan
With: Am Ch Mercedes vom Awarenring
Am Ch Nevars Laureate RN
Am Ch Nevars Legend
Am Ch Nevars Lylah
With: Am Ch Dreamcatcher's Reign V Adel
Am Ch Adel Into Wishin Of Temerity
Am Ch Adel Irresistable Temerity of Nevar RN
Am Gch Ch Adel Invincible Temerity
Adel Impulse Of Temerity
Adel Its Provocative Temerity
Adel Im Tellin You Temerity
Am Gch Ch Adel Impetuous Temerity CGC RN NAJ NA
With: Am CH Windamir Vegas Des Charmettes
Am Ch Windamirs Deacon Des Charmettes
Am Ch Windamir Bentley Of Irvington On Hudson
Windamir Black Pearl
Am Ch Windamir Drama Queen
Windamir Trubador Encee des Charmettes
With: Am Ch Ravenred Annie Oakley
Nevars Mint Julep RN
Am Ch, Aus Ch Nevars Man On A Mission
Am Gch Ch Int Ch Nevars Miss Behavin RATN
Am Ch Nevars Major Payne
Nevars Mikka CD
With: Am Ch Nevars Jalila
GCH CH Nevars Okalani Kamali'i Wahine Ka Nalu Temerity
Am Ch Nevars Odyssey Of Temerity
Am Gch Ch Nevars Okie Dokie Temerity
Am Ch Nevars Olina Lokelani Of Temerity
Am Ch Nevars Outspoken Ecco Of Temerity
Nevars Ode of Temerity
Nevars Oliver of Temerity
Nevars Olympus of Temerity
Nevars Omega of Temerity
With: Lilla Enebys Önskad TT
Am CH Legacy's Heart-Breaker BN RN
Legacy's Queen of Hearts
From same dam (Melusiinan Examelia):
With: Se/Fin/No/ Quebec's Intrepid Ilex
Fin Ch Rowan-Alley's Jamaica Jane
With: Cherpin Black Sex Jack
Fin Ch Rowan-Alley's She's A Lady
Fin Ch Rowan-Alley's Lady Of the Lake
Fin Ch Rowan-Alley's Lord Of the Rings
FIN MVA Rowan-Alley's Lady In Black