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Zhivariis Now Weretalkin  

DOB: 31-08-2020
Deceased: -
RegNo: NO 55542/20
Color: Red
Country of origin: Norway
Owner : Whiquila
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0.39%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 96.8%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 60)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
N SE DK NORD UCH DKV-14 NW20 NVW20 Whiquila's Whiskey All In
Whiquila's Whiskey All In
KORAD NO SE DK NORD UCH Xitamiz Sergeant Salute
Xitamiz Sergeant Salute
Nor/Sw/Nw/Dk/Fin Ch Se UCh SKBV-Winner, Int. Ch. Xitamiz Kaxe
AM Ch,Fin Ch Laatain Baron
Fin Ch Ceriinan Carolus
Ceriinan Jilla
Xitamiz Elaiza
DE&VDH CH DK CH EUW-97 INT CH PL CH Salto z Pyšelky
NO UCH SE UCH Lilla Enebys Laiza
Xitamiz Moira
Sw Ch Xitamiz Hickory
Duffyco's Cleon
NO UCH SE UCH Lilla Enebys Laiza
Xitamiz Gehenna
Nor Ch Pinbas Nero
Havalidens Beloved Blossom
Dark Angels La-Di-Da Little Whiquila
Dark Angels La-Di-Da Little Whiquila
C.I.B. CH AT CZ GE Quester vom Blauen Wunder
BIS, VDH CH, PSK CH, VDH Jahrhundertsieger 2006, LUX CH, BEL Clu Dark Angels Aden Red Energy PSK Klubjugendsieger, PSK Klubsieger, Jahressieger, AOM Westmins
Tony vom Leiselbach
VWW'11, Int CH, VDH CH, PSK CH, LUX CH, BE Club CH, PL Klub Juni Fame vom Dörnle LUX Junior CH, PSK Klubjugendsieger, PSK Klubsieger,Jahressieger
Ina vom Blauen Wunder
SE UCH Lilla Enebys Lucky
VDH/Dt Ch Bsg Wilma vom Nordkristall
Arisa Banda Urwisów Landessieger 2011
PLCh, PLJrCh Zorro Doberdog
Herszt Gereza
Aga z Walpurgii
CH PL Tarja Prapinczer
CH: Fin. Cz Ceriinan Danilo
Isabelle Black Bohemia
Zhivariis Imprezzive Inca NJW-18
Zhivariis Imprezzive Inca
C I B , SE W-16,17 ,19 FI UCH ,EUW-15 JWW-15,SE UCH,DK CH, NO CH Lilla Enebys Hit' Hazman
Lilla Enebys Hit' Hazman
C.I.B. NO V-13 NORD UCH NORD V-13 SE JV-13 SE V-15 Lilla Enebys Don Dexter
SE UCH Am CH Leilani's Strawberry Preserve
Am Ch Leilani's I Think Therefore I Am
Am Gch Ch Leilani's That, That Is, Is CA
SE VCH Lilla Enebys Top Tapira
C.I.B. NORD UCH Lilla Enebys La Ludwig
C.I.B. NORD UCH SE V-07 Lilla Enebys Bisset
C.I.B. JWW-13 NORD UCH NORD V-13 WW-14 WW-15 Lilla Enebys Be Briska
C.I.B. FI UCH KORAD NORD UCH Lilla Enebys Fabulous Rocko
SE UCH Falkenheide Wito
SE UCH, FI UCH Lilla Enebys Ämaja
Am Ch Immer Treu Midnight Dreamer
Multi BISS AM Silver GRCH CAN/INT'L CH Oakwood v Kaitlers Revival
Am Ch Angelsun Attract Attention
C.I.B.N HR ME N UCH Dark Angels Wot A Thriller
Dark Angels Wot A Thriller
Umbro von Burg Wildenstein
Ingo vom Awarenring
CH: Fin, Se, No, Nord, De Of Leijliden Brave Heart
K/J Sg H Ch Shary vom Awarenring
Yena vom Zemp
Eiko von Wolhusen
Aisha-Askia vom Zemp
LUX Junior CH, VDH Junior CH, LUX CH, PSK CH, VDH CH Dark Angels Only One Covergirl Reserve JWW'2011, ISPU Klubsieger, PSK Klubsieger
Frodo von der Rheinebene
Santos vom Robinienhof
Opium de la Capellière
VWW'11, Int CH, VDH CH, PSK CH, LUX CH, BE Club CH, PL Klub Juni Fame vom Dörnle LUX Junior CH, PSK Klubjugendsieger, PSK Klubsieger,Jahressieger
CH Austria Bosco vom Traum der Jugend
Dt.Ch. Balou vom Rottenbuch Klbsg.
Direct offspring
no data
From same sire and dam:
no data
From same sire (Whiquila's Whiskey All In):
With: No uch Fi uch NJW-16 RLI RLII Upland Jovibarva
North Spirit's Absolut World
With: Noticeable Insatiable
Noticeable Amazing
Noticeable Habibi
From same dam (Zhivariis Imprezzive Inca ):
no data