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INT CH CH:FI, SE, RU, UA, LT, EE, LV, BALT, JCH: RU, LV, EE RKFW Sanny Monkey Inspiration for Dogiwogin  

DOB: 12-05-2015
Deceased: -
RegNo: RKF 4214814 // FI 50636/15
Color: Black/Tan
Country of origin: Russian Federation
Owner : Dogiwogin
Breeder : -
BISS, MYDogDNA test updated 2020, DNA profile done, DM clear

COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 96.8%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 60)
Sanny+Monkey+Inspiration+for+Dogiwogin Sanny+Monkey+Inspiration+for+Dogiwogin Sanny+Monkey+Inspiration+for+Dogiwogin Sanny+Monkey+Inspiration+for+Dogiwogin
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
JCH: Lv, Ee, EeJW14, CH: CIB,.Ua, Lv, Est, Fin, No, Lt, Balt NoW Dogiwogin Time Out
Dogiwogin Time Out
C.I.B. EE CH FI UCH LV CH SE UCH Lilla Enebys Harry
Lilla Enebys Harry
SE UCH Lilla Enebys Amiral-Buster
Duffyco's Nelson
Jason vom Awarenring
KSg., Dt. Ch. PSK, Dt. Ch. VDH Dolly vom Münchhof
NO V-06 NORD JV-03 NORD UCH Lilla Enebys Winnie
SE CH Sultan de la Perle du Cap
SE UCH Lilla Enebys Riffy
Lilla Enebys Quintana De La Turbo
CH: Fin. Ceriinan Nino
SE CH Lilla Enebys Maia
Lilla Enebys Ulizzity
Int/Nor Ch Lima de la Capellière
NO VCH SE UCH SE VCH Lilla Enebys Pilar
CIB, CH: Fi, Ee, Ru, RKFV NVW-17 Dogiwogin Nasla
Dogiwogin Nasla
SE UCH SE V-00 SE V-01 Lilla Enebys Leonardo
C.I.B FIN SE NO CH NOV-95,97&98 Yarracitta Reticcarudolf
SE UCH Havalidens Watch Out For The Weasel
CIB, CH Fin, Se, Dk, NordW04 Ceriinan Dahlia
NO UCH NORD VV-11 SE UCH Lilla Enebys Qing Mickey mouse
C.I.B FIN SE DK NO EE RU CH FINW-99 FINW-00 BALTW-01 FINW-03 FIN Ceriinan Tanita
CIB, CH: Fin, Ee, Lv, RU Dogiwogin Harmonia
C.I.B FIN EE LV LT CH EUW-06 EEJW-04 LTW-05 Aron Arming Harmony Star
Bady Darling z Cyklonu Silesia
CZ-Ch., Club Ch.+Club Win. 2001, Clubshow-Win., Int. Ch. Riana Rhapsody Rozárka FCI
C.I.B FIN SE EE LV LT CH EUVW-08 EEW-03 LTV-02 LVV-03 Ceriinan Yatzy DW
Fin Ch Ceriinan Carolus
CH: Fin. Ceriinan Gipsy
Izherstay Sandra
RU CH Tim Spirit Disaronno
Tim Spirit Disaronno
Winnetou vom Zemp
Forest vom Blauen Wunder
Artus von der Pforte
VDH/Dt Ch Bsg Wilma vom Nordkristall
Daysi von Wolhusen
Vilius vom Hause Zemp
Coquette de Chésopelloz
Blanca vom Achgrund
Popei vom Zemp
Champ vom Hause Zemp
Au Ch Kaitler La Lady
Orka vom Zemp
Eiko von Wolhusen
Aisha-Askia vom Zemp
Tim Spirit Bogema Bis
Tim Spirit Bogema Bis
CHRus Geri van de Doelaar
Kalif vom Zemp
Vilius vom Hause Zemp
Olli vom Nordkristall
Anouk van de Doelaar
ISPU-JSg. ‘00 Yesseh van de Doelaar FCI
Aska vom Hause Zemp
CHRus, CH LV Tim Spirit Atlantida
IntCH, CH Rus Riwards Mister Rick for Nestle Malin
WW1997,1998, IntCH Jambo de la Capellière
JWW1997 McKenzie des Charmettes
Electra van de Doelaar
Eiko von Wolhusen
Chanty van de Doelaar
Direct offspring
With: Rauhasalmen Madde Marakatti
Ltu Ch Balt Jch Ltu Jch LV Dogiwogin Shiny Shade of Magic Jch EE Jch HeJW-18 JW-18 NORDJW-18 NOJW-18
With: Dogiwogin Raksu
Piratepoint Kulta Aarre
Aust CH Piratepoint Helmi Aarre
With: Rauhasalmen Madde Marakatti
Dogiwogin Darker Shade of Magic
Dogiwogin My Magic Maracat
With: Funny for DW Harmony Star FI CH
Dogiwogin King Kong
With: vEURO W'18 ISPU CH'18 Breed CH Breed JCH FIN CH RKF CH JCH RUS J Immer Treu Goddess of Love JunEST W’18 JunLV W’18
JRUS CH JCLUB W Bright Fox Emerald Gem
Bright Fox Eternal Love
Bright Fox Extra Spicy Iduex
With: C.I.B FI CH EE CH LV CH LVW-14 Ceriinan Thiara
Dogiwogin Tähtisilmä
From same sire and dam:
FI CH EE CH LT JCH LV JCH EE JCH BALT JCH EEW-18 Sunny Monkey Illiriya Invisible
Sanny Monkey Illiada Imperia
INT CH: RU FIN PL EST LV LT BALT UA BLR RKF BaltW-17 NordW-17 Sanny Monkey Iris Wonder Flower JCH: RU LV LT EST BALT BL RO JBIS-5
Bright Fox V SM Infinity
Sanny Monkey Illiada Invinsible
BOB Bright Fox Dragon Flame
Bright Fox Dita Von Teese
Sanny Monkey Illiriya Invisible
From same sire (Dogiwogin Time Out):
With: CH: C.I.B Fin, Ee, Lv, Lt, Balt Vet CH:Ee, Lv Dogiwogin Kismet
Dogiwogin Liebushka
With: Funny for DW Harmony Star FI CH
FI Ch Dogiwogin Aranda
Dogiwogin El Faro
Dogiwogin Esperanza
With: Grace Ugninis Agatas
NL Ch. Kanada Ugninis Agatas NJK, JW '16, BWNL'18, Bundessieger '17, Holland Cup '16, Herbsts
With: Amortella
Yespinyes Celina
FIN MVA Yespinyes Contessa
Yespinyes Castor
From same dam (Izherstay Sandra):
With: Dogiwogin Xristo
Jun Rus Ch Bright Fox Arabian Night
RUS CH RKF CH Jun RUS CH Bright Fox Alice in Wonderland
Bright Fox Arya
Bright Fox Aflame Red
With: Fly'Zen Star of Elune
Bright Fox Vot A Pretty