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SE UCH Lilla Enebys Rosso  

DOB: 14-02-2001
Deceased: -
RegNo: S 20488/2001
Color: Black/Tan
Country of origin: Sweden
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 1.56%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 90.3%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 56)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
Quebec's Macho Man
Quebec's Macho Man
CH: Fin, Se, No, Nord, De Of Leijliden Brave Heart
Of Leijliden Brave Heart
CH: Fin, Se, Of Leijliden Twist And Flirt
Fin CH FINW-96 Ceriinan Harris
C.I.B FIN SE NO CH NOV-95,97&98 Yarracitta Reticcarudolf
CH: Fin, FinW91, EuW91 Ceriinan Unramari
Fin-MVA Heraldin Bellissima
CH: Fin. Ceriinan Yo-Yo
Fin Ch of Leijliden Quella Amber
Fin Ch Nightfall
CH: Fin Of Leijliden Erno
CH: Fin, Se, Dorthonion Denethor
CH: Fin. Waldschatz Ramaschee
Fin-MVA Josephine
C.I.B FIN SE NO EE CH FINW-92 FINW-93 Of Leijliden Leonardo
FIN UCH of Leijliden Fransira
Quebec's Innocente Ilona
Quebec's Innocente Ilona
Int/Nor Ch Lima de la Capellière
Int. Ch. Duck de la Capellière (Duck dit Derrick de la Capellière)
Lux. Jgdsg., WJgdsg., Franz. Ch., Lux. Ch., CH-Ch., NL-Ch., Viking von Werner Junghof VDH-Ch., Klbsg., WSg., BSg., Dt. ESg., Int. Ch.
Brume de la Capellière
CH: De, Fr, VDH, Lux, NL, Monaco, Int. Ch. Flamme de la Capellière
Lux. Jgd.-Ch. ´87, Dt. BSg. ´90, ISPU-Sg. ‘91 Billy du Prieuré de Montseny
Fr-, Belg., NL, VDH-Ch. ‘87, Dt. Ch. (PSK) ‘87, Klbsg., Dt. BSg. Volta de la Ferme de l'Abbaye
Quebec's Donna Dream
Anjin's Ceckar-C-Belius
INT SE CH Magellan von der Barenburg
Of Leijliden Yerba
Gunhof's Birnett Girl
CIB, CH: Se Vilax vom Pferdewinkel
CH: Se. SeW89&90 Waldschatz Radamsa
DK UCH SE UCH Lilla Enebys Krabban
Lilla Enebys Krabban
Kirbas Active
Kirbas Active
Bitsikka's Zerro
Bitsikka's Qwickli
Bitsikka's Dark Aiko
Bitsikka's Umbria
Munkin Rina
Anjin's Ana-A-Kira
CIB, CH: Se Vilax vom Pferdewinkel
JSg. '85, Dt. Ch. PSK, KSg., ESg. '85 Gauner vom Cronsbach
Cora von der Vogelweide
Of Leijliden Yerba
FI CH Wallaby's Aquila
CH: Fin. Waldschatz Ramaschee
SE UCH Havalidens Watch Out For The Weasel
Havalidens Watch Out For The Weasel
Bitsikka's Eldorado
Of Leijliden Urudan
FI CH Wallaby's Aquila
CIB, CH: Nord, DK, NordW 84-86 Of Leijliden Quella-Donna
Bitsikka's Yida
Bitsikka's Qwickli
Munkin Rina
Havalidens Guri Made In Norway
CIB, CH: Nord, Pinbas Eros
CIB, CH: Nord, Brizar Reza Peron
FI SE CH Ancora vom Warturm
Bitsikka's Öwwi
Bitsikka's Liiber
Bitsikka's Ybonni
Direct offspring
With: SE UCH Jagastamm's Abilene Lena
Am ch Lilla Enebys Cisco Kid
Lilla Enebys Cita
SE UCH Lilla Enebys Canjo
SE UCH Lilla Enebys Carma
With: IntCH, CH: Denmark, Cz, Se, Club 2007 Hickson Aida Adelanta
Hickson Duke Delante
Hickson Dolce Diltoni
Hickson Dante Domaldi
Hickson Dustin Dosso
Hickson Deya D'Tassaya
Hickson Disa Dali
Hickson Dinja d'Vine
From same sire and dam:
SE UCH Lilla Enebys Riffy
Lilla Enebys Robinsson
From same sire (Quebec's Macho Man):
With: SE UCH, NO UCH Lilla Enebys Kina colada
Romfartuna's Ulysse
With: Schwima's Znella
Zuprisingly Hot
From same dam (Lilla Enebys Krabban):
With: JSg. '93+'95, ISPU-Sg., A-BSg. '97+'98, JVetSg. '98+'99 Basko von Kuki Klbsg., Dt. Bsg. '91+'92, Dt. Ch. PSK+VDH, A-Ch., A-BSg.
SE UCH Lilla Enebys Mad-Ghibli
NO UCH SE UCH Lilla Enebys Machiavelli
SE CH Lilla Enebys Maia
With: INT-CH, A-CH, SK-CH, CS-CH, SL-CH, H-CH,ISPU -Sieger,Klubsieger Axel vom Awarenring
Lilla Enebys On The Rocks
Lilla Enebys Ossian