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Am/Aus Ch Kaitler Mind Over Matter  

DOB: 16-11-2003
Deceased: -
RegNo: 2100176172 // AKCWS 17312501
Color: Red
Country of origin: Australia
Owner : -
Breeder : Kaitler
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 1.07%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 93.5%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 58)
Kaitler+Mind+Over+Matter Kaitler+Mind+Over+Matter
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
Am/Can/Aus/CFC/Int Ch Kaitler Mastermind
Kaitler Mastermind
EJgdsg. ´93, NL-Ch., NZ-Ch., AUS.-Ch Haggith de la Barque de l'Esprit
Haggith de la Barque de l'Esprit
Lux., NL, Dt. BSg. ‘93, ISPU-Sg. ´93, Int. Ch. Emir Gabber van het Shôgunnaat
Falk von der Vogelweide
Bodo von der Vogelweide
Alke von der Vogelweide
EJgdsg. ´87, Jjgdsg. ´87, BJgdsg. ´87, NL-Ch., D-Ch., Lux.-Ch., Fallon Greca Queen of the Night Dt. Ch. VDH, BSg. ´89, JSg. ´88, ISPU-Sg. ´90, Winster ´87+´89,
JJgdsg. '82, BSg. '82, Dt. Ch., KSg., VDH-Ch., ESg. '84 Greg vom Cronsbach
Dt. Ch., KSg. NL-Ch. Carola von der Vogelweide
Winner ´92, NL Ch. Destiné Den de la Barque de l'Esprit
Jgdwinner ´79 Dorak von Werner Junghof
NL Ch., Winner Bernhard van Donnershof
Cindy von Werner Junghof
NL-Ch. Nikita van Nihenhoven
Lux. Jgdsg., WJgdsg., Franz. Ch., Lux. Ch., CH-Ch., NL-Ch., Viking von Werner Junghof VDH-Ch., Klbsg., WSg., BSg., Dt. ESg., Int. Ch.
Jennefer von Werner Junghof
Aust/NZ CH Kaitler Electric Voltage
Kaitler Electric Voltage
Au Ch Elstenberg Fox Mulder
Aus Ch Masterkarn Wind Stalker
Au Ch Meisterpin Gustav
Au Ch Masterkarn Black Rose
Aus Ch Masterkarn Hotter N Hell
Au Ch Puck vom Cronsbach
Au Ch Meisterpin Monique
Au Ch Meisterpin Gretchen
Aus ch Deutschpin Black Baron
Au Ch Puck vom Cronsbach
Marie vom Cronsbach
Aus ch Gina de la Capellière
Lux. Jgdsg., WJgdsg., Franz. Ch., Lux. Ch., CH-Ch., NL-Ch., Viking von Werner Junghof VDH-Ch., Klbsg., WSg., BSg., Dt. ESg., Int. Ch.
Etna de la Capellière
Asketvetens Anja
Asketvetens Anja
Int/Su Ch Classic Dream's Fraccas
Classic Dream's Fraccas
Int/Nor Ch Lima de la Capellière
Int. Ch. Duck de la Capellière (Duck dit Derrick de la Capellière)
Lux. Jgdsg., WJgdsg., Franz. Ch., Lux. Ch., CH-Ch., NL-Ch., Viking von Werner Junghof VDH-Ch., Klbsg., WSg., BSg., Dt. ESg., Int. Ch.
Brume de la Capellière
CH: De, Fr, VDH, Lux, NL, Monaco, Int. Ch. Flamme de la Capellière
Lux. Jgd.-Ch. ´87, Dt. BSg. ´90, ISPU-Sg. ‘91 Billy du Prieuré de Montseny
Fr-, Belg., NL, VDH-Ch. ‘87, Dt. Ch. (PSK) ‘87, Klbsg., Dt. BSg. Volta de la Ferme de l'Abbaye
Int/Su Ch Classic Dream's Charmiga Chanelle
NO UCH NO V-93 SE LCH SE UCH Kirbas Active
Bitsikka's Zerro
Anjin's Ana-A-Kira
Quebec`s Dee Dee
Anjin's Ceckar-C-Belius
Gunhof's Birnett Girl
Su Ch Classic Dream's Exha
Classic Dream's Exha
Int Ch Kårdholmens Big Boss
Roheka Red for Danger
Schelm vom Cronsbach
Pinch-hit's Charity FCI
Bitsikka's Viwan
Bitsikka's Qwickli
Munkin Rina
Am Ch Quebec's Dee Dee Of Snowbird
Quebec's Handy Hirac
Quebec's Chicko Chief
Of Leijliden Yerba
Quebec's Quick Quality
Int/Nor Ch Lima de la Capellière
Quebec's Donna Dream
Direct offspring
With: AUS Ch. Kaitler Almighty Phoenix
Am Ch Kaitler Jatz Cracker
Can Ch Kaitler Rippa Rita
Kaitler Croc Hunter
With: Kaitler Mandrake
Multi BISS AM Silver GRCH CAN/INT'L CH Oakwood v Kaitlers Revival
AM SE CH AM GCH JWW-08 Oakwood V Kaitler Conspiracy
Am Ch Oakwood V Kaitlers Venture
Oakwood V Kaitlers Exchange
Am GCH CH Oakwood V Kaitlers Tribute BN RE CAA CGC
With: SE UCH Rivendells Chili
Am CH Oakwood V Kaitlers Hot N Spicy Jalapeno
Oakwood V Kaitlers Red Hot Chili Pepper
With: Se Ch Rivendells Emir
Can Ch Oakwood V Kaitler Midnight Train to Georgia
Am CH Can CH Oakwood V Kaitler Rainy Night in Georgia
Oakwood V Kaitler Georgia's O'Keeffe
Oakwood V Kaitler Devil Went Down to Georgia
From same sire and dam:
Aus Ch Kaitler Brain Wave
Oakwoods Femme Fatale
Au Ch Kaitler Brainiac
From same sire (Kaitler Mastermind):
With: CA CH., SE UCH, Ch. CDN Angelsun Grand Attraction
Am Ch/Can/CFC/Int/Fr/Sp/Lux/Bel Ch. Angelsun Excalibur
Am Ch Angelsun Attract Attention
Can Ch Angelsun Intense Attraction CGN PCD
With: Can CH Superlative's Always Blushing
Jonik's Turn About Fairplay
Jonik's Turning point
From same dam (Asketvetens Anja):
With: Kaitler Masteratarms
Am/Can/Aust Ch. Kaitler Sir Costly Dollar
Aust CH Kaitler Costa Pretypenny
Kaitler Sir Costa Lot