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Weltjugendsieger 2014, Jugend Ch. Russland, Ch. Russland, Ch. Be Hickson Nice Legend Ch RUS BLR LTV LAT  

DOB: 28-07-2013
Deceased: -
RegNo: SE 48951/2013 // RKF 3860941
Color: Red
Country of origin: Sweden
Owner : Legendorf
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 1.25%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 96.8%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 62 in 5 gen. (100%), unique: 60)
Hickson+Nice+Legend Hickson+Nice+Legend
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
DK UCH FI UCH NO UCH NO V-09 SE UCH Hickson Fellow out of five
Hickson Fellow out of five
WW-11, Sw CH Hickson Bull`s Eye Of Taurus
Hickson Bull`s Eye Of Taurus
Nor/Sw/Nw/Dk/Fin Ch Se UCh SKBV-Winner, Int. Ch. Xitamiz Kaxe
AM Ch,Fin Ch Laatain Baron
Fin Ch Ceriinan Carolus
Ceriinan Jilla
Xitamiz Elaiza
DE&VDH CH DK CH EUW-97 INT CH PL CH Salto z Pyšelky
NO UCH SE UCH Lilla Enebys Laiza
Sw Ch Electra vom Traum der Jugend
Aus/Hg/Slo/Int/Öst Ch Bacco vom Steirischen Panther
Wiener Kindl Chovani
Diana vom Robinienhof
Baroness vom Awarenring
Bobbie von Diana
Anny Zlatenka
Cecilka Elissa Skubánek
CH: Fin. Cz Ceriinan Danilo
NO UCH NORD VV-11 SE UCH Lilla Enebys Qing Mickey mouse
CH: Fin. Ceriinan Nino
SE CH Lilla Enebys Maia
C.I.B FIN SE DK NO EE RU CH FINW-99 FINW-00 BALTW-01 FINW-03 FIN Ceriinan Tanita
Fin Ch Ceriinan Carolus
FI CH Adel Dark Diamette
Elissa Black Bohemia
Andy Reckovice
CH.CZ, IntCH Andy Brázdilov CS
Aneta Bily Tygr
Odetta Rozárka
Yankee z Pyšelky
Cheilla Rozárka
Am Ch Legacy's Heart Of Gold For Hickson
Legacy's Heart Of Gold For Hickson
CH: Fin, Li,Am Ch Clefell's Midas
Clefell's Midas
Fin Lt Ch Clefell's Lionheart
Nor Ch Pinbas Nero
Nor Ch Pinbas Ivan
Se/Nor Ch Zandra vom Cronsbach
CH: Fin, Est, Ru, CIB Clefell's Emerald Empress
Ceriinan Lysti
C.I.B, CH: FIN, SE, LV, BAL,TW-97 Aaparevon Hillary
Idaco's Isabella
Ceriinan Jerry
Ceriinan Raymond
Queennie von Werner Junghof
CH: Fin, Ee, BaltW00 Idaco's Everlyn Brown
CIB, CH Fin, Se, Ee, Lv, Ru, BalW97 Ceriinan Larry
CH: Fin.,FinW01 Idaco's Cinnie the Pooh
Lilla Enebys Önskad TT
Lilla Enebys Önskad
SE UCH SE V-00 SE V-01 Lilla Enebys Leonardo
C.I.B FIN SE NO CH NOV-95,97&98 Yarracitta Reticcarudolf
C.I.B FIN SE DK EE PL CH EUW-99 NORDW-01 FINW-01 SEV-99 Dorthonion Castamir-Coire
Fin Ch Yarracitta Yehoo's Yandee
SE UCH Havalidens Watch Out For The Weasel
Bitsikka's Eldorado
Havalidens Guri Made In Norway
SE UCH Jagastamm's Abilene Lena
FI CH Yarracitta Itsemisterwau
C.I.B FIN DK EE CH EUJW-91 Yarracitta Rosmariiniricu
Havanna des Jardins de l'Armonial
Cherpin Black Brendalee
CIB, CH Fin, Se, Ee, Lv, Ru, BalW97 Ceriinan Larry
FI CH Damaree´s Carina
Direct offspring
With: WW16 WW18 INT Legendorf Sabina Sorel CH RUS BLR LT LV CLUB EURASIA J CH RUS
Europasieger, Bundessieger, Ung. Ch., Swiss Ch., Int. Ch. Legendorf Bugs Bunny Klubjgdsg., Klubsieger, VDH-Youth-Ch.
Naleks Treasure Zhevisa
Naleks Treasure Zhemmy
Junior Champion of National Breed Club Naleks Treasure Zheatin
With: JCH RUS, CH RUS Legendorf Chi-Roxi For Roniris
JCH RUS Shantli Roz BriBanda
Shantli Roz Brittaliya
With: JCh RUS Legendorf Yustina Ch RUS, BLR, EST, LV, ISPU, RKF Eurasia Grand CH RUS
Legendorf Gwendel Gast
Legendorf Grape-Vine Fairy
With: CHAMPION EUROPE 2018, MULT, INT. Ch.BY, Breed, Ch.LV, LT, UKU, R Legendorf Fortuna Filisiti JCh.BY, MD, RU, LT, LV
Allania Grand Vamp Lady
Jch BLR,JGrand ch BLR,CH of BLR,CH breed,GRAND CH of BLR Allania Grand Viana Verity
With: Hickson Ludwina Lovebug
Legendorf It's Spotlight
With: CH.LT, CH.LV, CH.RUS, CH.BLR, CH.UKR, JCH.RUS, JCH.BLR Legendorf Yumira
Dexter of Shvezkor
From same sire and dam:
Hickson Nosferenceatu
From same sire (Hickson Fellow out of five):
With: Lilla Enebys Flisan
SE UCH Lilla Enebys On ozzi
With: Appealing Grace Aleeya Ad Astra
Appealing Grace Fröken Ad Astra
With: Paulinne Black Bohemia
Appealing Grace Guinevere Ad Astra
With: Am Ch Nevars Inky
Lilla Piröns Prada's Poem
With: Be Meja's Ceez Doodle
Be Meja's Fuffens
SE UCH Be Meja's Farin
From same dam (Legacy's Heart Of Gold For Hickson ):
With: Am Gch Ch Xitamiz Spartacuz
Lux Ch Aritaur Gene Genie WW15
Multi CH Aritaur Gunga Din in CalvaXar BJW12, Crufts BOB13, AW14
Aritaur Ginger Ninja
Aritaur Ginger Fizz
Aritaur Ginette
Aritaur Georgia Brown
With: Ceriinan Quiero to Aritaur Ww12 JWw11
International Multi Champion Hickson Matrix of Milo at Brintala Luxembourg, Holland,Italy, BOB Crufts 2015, JWW 2013
Hickson Magnifica of Sweden
Hickson Medalion of Maddox
Hickson Monogram of Magini
With: WW-11, Sw CH Hickson Bull`s Eye Of Taurus
Hickson Heaven Is On Fire