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von der Wilden Wutz

Breeder with heart and soul. We have 2 females and breed not for commerce.

kennel/owner: von der Wilden Wutz
contact name: Andrea Lehmann
Noltestr. 5
phone: +49-2351-13331
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Current litters:
Xman vom Camp Achensee x Esg, Bdsg, Jsg 15+16, Klubsg, VDH Ch., Ö Ch, Schw Ch, Int. Ch, K Legendorf Yurika
Date of birth: 30-05-2018

End of May we expect red and black/rust puppies out of Xman and Yurika.

Bred Dogs:
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Bart Simpson von der Wilden Wutz
VDH18DP 03005932, 26-05-2018, Red

Bela B. von der Wilden Wutz
VDH18DP 03005927, 26-05-2018, Black/Tan

Betty Boop von der Wilden Wutz
VDH18DP 03005935, 26-05-2018, Black/Tan

Billy Idol von der Wilden Wutz
VDH18DP 03005929, 26-05-2018, Black/Tan

Billy the Kid von der Wilden Wutz
VDH18DP 03005928, 26-05-2018, Black/Tan

Bon Jovi von der Wilden Wutz
VDH18DP 03005931, 26-05-2018, Red

Brad Pitt von der Wilden Wutz
VDH18DP 03005934, 26-05-2018, Red

Brigitte Bardot von der Wiilden Wutz
VDH18DP 03005936, 26-05-2018, Red

Bud Spencer von der Wilden Wutz
VDH18DP 03005933, 26-05-2018, Red