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NL/Kamp CW 19 NJK´19 JW'19 Avicii Deejay von Cronestein x Pelsklings Abelone
Pelskling, Norway, Steinkjer, 01-07-2021
Litter planned for summer -21
CH.BLR, CH.RUS, CH.RKF, JCH. BLR, J.GRAND.BLR, JCH.RUS Borgfast of Shvezkor Cup RKF 2019 x Latina Ugninis Agatas
Shvezkor, Poland, 07-05-2021

Unforgettably GP Mars Bellorum Deus x Se uch Dk uch Se vch Sommarstadens Million Dollar Baby
Sommarstadens kennel, Sweden, Bredared, 14-04-2021

Ch.Rus, Ch. Bel, Ch.RKF, JCh. Rus Izherstay Limbo x Orabi Korel Asheila Oriental Flower Ch. Rus, Ch. RKF
Orabi Korel, Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, 14-04-2021

JCh.Rus Naleks Treasure Kvilentren x CH. Rus, CH. RKF, JnCH. Rus Sanny Monkey Delicious Destinys Child
Orabi Korel, Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, 07-04-2021

Dt. VDH-Jgd-Ch., PSK Klubjugendsieger, PSK Klubsieger Dark Angels Making Me Stronger Annual Trophy Junior Winner, Herbstjugendsieger, Spreewaldsieger x Sanny Monkey Harmany
Sommarstadens kennel, Sweden, Bredared, 31-03-2021
Puppies expected in may
Int. CH, CH Blr, CH Fin, CH Est, Grand CH.Rus, Club Ch, J.Grand Naleks Treasure Zol'diak INT CH, MULTI CH, GRAND CH RUS, CLUB CH, JUNIOR GRAND CH RUS, JU x J.CH RUS, J.CH BLR, J.CH National Breed Club Naleks Treasure Kaylandri
Naleks Treasure, Russian Federation, St.Petersburg, 24-03-2021

AGD I AGHD I RLD N SE UCH SE VCH Lilla Enebys Legolas x Rivendells From Russia With Love
Rivendells, Sweden, SVERIGE, Saltsjo-boo, 08-03-2021
5 males and 6 females, all black and tan. All spoken for.
Starviper Bravo Two Zero for Dark Angels x INTER CH, LV JCH, LT JCH, EE JCH, BALT JCH, LV CH, LT CH Agatha Aldur Andbeker Baltic Winner,EE CH, BY CH, MULTI CH
Andbeker, Latvia, RIGA, 05-01-2021