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kennel/owner: Whiquila
contact name: Eva Hunstad
Strandveien 42
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Owned Dogs:
NO SE UCH Ängagårdens Eclipse
SE 29516/2016, 24-04-2016, Black/Tan

Cela Casarius
PKR.II-136842, 13-02-2019, Black/Tan

Upland Kerria
FI 54044/17, 11-10-2017, Red

N UCH Whiquila's Mansory
NO 39678/14, 02-04-2014, Red

Whiquila's Tir n'a Noir
NO 39237/18, 25-03-2018, Black/Tan

Whiquila’s Bugatti
NO 40576/20, 12-04-2020, Black/Tan

NJW20 Whiquila’s Tempt Quick 'N' Dirty
NO 36074/19, 03-03-2019, Black/Tan

Zhivariis Now Weretalkin
NO 55542/20, 31-08-2020, Red

Bred Dogs:
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Allania Grand Maestro
15-07-2020, Red

Whiquila`s Maserati
NO 40581/20, 12-04-2020, Red

Whiquila's Bitter Truth
NO 36076/19, 03-03-2019, Black/Tan

Whiquila's Black Night
NO 39233/18, 25-03-2018, Black/Tan

Whiquila's Cheap Thrills
NO 39234/18, 25-03-2018, Black/Tan

Whiquila's Chymos Minttu Chili
NO 36075/19, 03-03-2019, Black/Tan

Whiquila's Cobra
NO 39681/14, 02-04-2014, Red

Whiquila's Damned If You Do
NO 39125/12, 29-03-2012, Red

NJW20 Whiquila's Fireball Cinnamon
NO 36070/19, 03-03-2019, Black/Tan

Whiquila's Hard Knock Life
NO 39235/18, 25-03-2018, Black/Tan