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Spirit Of Moria


kennel/owner: Spirit Of Moria
contact name: Monica Arnetvedt
Moldalia 12A
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Current litters:
NORD V-15 SE JV-14 SE UCH FI UCH Dijontoma's Aurum x C.I.B NORDJW-14 NOJW-14 NORDW-14 NOW-14 DK UCH NO UCH AD Spirit of Moria's Ancalimë RATI RATN RATO
Date of birth: 18-05-2018

9 Puppy’s born. 4 Black & Tan males, 2 Red males and 3 Red females. 1 Black & Tan male and 1 Red male avskilles.

Owned Dogs:
Spirit of Moria's Carnimirië
NO 32143/16, 05-01-2016, Red

NORDJV-16 DKJV-16 Spirit of Moria's Cuiviénen
NO 32147/16, 05-01-2016, Black/Tan

Spirit Of Moria's Dor-lómin
NO 37293/17, 27-02-2017, Black/Tan

Spirit Of Moria's Enyalië
NO 43625/17, 17-05-2017, Black/Tan

Waldschatz Yetzulleen Niin
ER 29990/17, 21-04-2017, Choco/Tan

Bred Dogs:
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Spirit of Moria's Altáriel
NO 51782/13, 16-08-2013, Black/Tan

Spirit of Moria's Amethyst
NO 51780/13, 16-08-2013, Black/Tan

Spirit of Moria's Ancalagon
NO 51777/13, 16-08-2013, Black/Tan

Spirit of Moria's Arathorn
NO 51776/13 // SE 54436/2013, 16-08-2013, Black/Tan

Spirit of Moria's Aros
NO 51778/13, 16-08-2013, Black/Tan

N UCH DK UCH Spirit of Moria's Balrog
NO 38128/15, 19-04-2015, Black/Tan