Sivusto käyttää evästeitä varmistaaksemme että sivusto toimii moitteettomasti ja kerätäksemme statistiikkaa jotta voimme parantaa sivuston käytettävyyttä. Käyttämällä tätä sivustoa hyväksyt ehdot ja evästeiden käytön sivustolla vierailusi aikana.

For the less experienced breeders and other visitors we added a brief explanation of the (health-) terms that are used on this website. For more information please contact your breeders club.


COI (Coefficient Of Inbreeding):
The COI is a measurement of inbreeding; a percentage that shows the probability that both genes of a matched couple are identical. This calculation checks if any of the ancestors are related to each other. Typical values are: for brother/sister or parent/child 25%, half-brother/sister or grandfather/grandchild 12.5%, etc. The formula takes in account the distance of the ancestors. You can test your combination on the "virtual pedigree" page.The lower the result, the better. The breed-average in the UK is 9%. Ideally, the COI should be calculated over at least 10 generations with fully complete pedigrees. Please note that it is calculated in real-time, so the value only represents the information available in this database.

AVK (Ahnenverlustkoeffizient = Ancestor Lost Coefficient)
This formula works with a given number of generations and calculates the quotient of the existing ancestors and the maximum possible ancestors. This is the percentage of unique ancestors in the pedigree.

Extra breedrelated healthinformation