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Oakwood German Pinschers

Breeding exceptional German Pinschers in temperament, health and conformation. Find us on Facebook: Oakwood German Pinschers or at Oakwoodgermanpinschers.com
Father: Am Gch Ch Clefell's Romeo
Mother: Am GCH CH Oakwoods Chanel No 5 RN BCAT
date of birth: 2019-01-04

kennel/owner:Oakwood German Pinschers
contact name: Kimberle Schiff
503 171st Ave SE
United States
phone: 8453466716
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
Am Gch Ch Clefell's Romeo
Clefell's Romeo
Fin Ch Legacy's Midas Touch for Clefell's
Legacy's Midas Touch for Clefell's
CH: Fin, Li,Am Ch Clefell's Midas
Fin Lt Ch Clefell's Lionheart
Nor Ch Pinbas Nero
CH: Fin, Est, Ru, CIB Clefell's Emerald Empress
Idaco's Isabella
Ceriinan Jerry
CH: Fin, Ee, BaltW00 Idaco's Everlyn Brown
Am Ch Xitamiz Serah
Nor/Sw/Nw/Dk/Fin Ch Se UCh SKBV-Winner, Int. Ch. Xitamiz Kaxe
AM Ch,Fin Ch Laatain Baron
Xitamiz Elaiza
Xitamiz Moira
Sw Ch Xitamiz Hickory
Xitamiz Gehenna
CIB,CH: Fin, Se, EE, No, BaltW09, WW10 Clefell's Olympia
Clefell's Olympia
CIB,CH: Fin, Se, EE, BaltW02, EEW03 Clefell's Gentleman
CH: Fin. Fundora's Charmat
CH: Fin, FinW98, KB Sg Ceriinan Levis
Of Leijliden Pandora
Idaco's Filly Fiona
CH: Fin. FinW91, 94, 97 Ceriinan Rene
CH: Fin.,FinW01 Idaco's Cinnie the Pooh
Fin ch Ravenred Naughty N Nice
Am/Can/CFC/Aus Gr Ch/GPCNSW Gr Ch Nellinda Hangzhou
EJgdsg. ´93, NL-Ch., NZ-Ch., AUS.-Ch Haggith de la Barque de l'Esprit
Au Ch Kaitler Ada vom Hause Zemp
Aus Ch Weeacre Foxy Lady
Au Ch Meisterpin Gustav
Aus Ch Wiener Kindl Izba
Am GCH CH Oakwoods Chanel No 5 RN BCAT
Oakwoods Chanel No 5
Am GCHB CH Immer Treu V Oakwood Brave Heart RN, FDC, BCAT, SWN, RATN, CGC, TKN
Immer Treu V Oakwood Brave Heart
SE CH Rivendells Alpha
SE UCH SE V-00 SE V-01 Lilla Enebys Leonardo
C.I.B FIN SE NO CH NOV-95,97&98 Yarracitta Reticcarudolf
SE UCH Havalidens Watch Out For The Weasel
NO V-04 SE UCH Lilla Enebys Quiz
CH: Fin. Ceriinan Nino
SE CH Lilla Enebys Maia
Am CH Can CH Oakwood V Kaitler Rainy Night in Georgia
Se Ch Rivendells Emir
SE UCH Lilla Enebys Amiral-Buster
AU CH SE UCH NORD VW-11 Kaitler Haggiths Blessin
Am/Aus Ch Kaitler Mind Over Matter
Am/Can/Aus/CFC/Int Ch Kaitler Mastermind
Asketvetens Anja
Am CH Izba des Hautes Courtilles
Izba des Hautes Courtilles
Nicolo von den Haflingern
Erik vom Münchhof
INT-CH, A-CH, SK-CH, CS-CH, SL-CH, H-CH,ISPU -Sieger,Klubsieger Axel vom Awarenring
Yanka vom Münchhof
Erbse von den Haflingern
Natif de la Barque de l'Esprit
Ferry von den Haflingern
Arlyn des Hautes Courtilles
Int. Ch., NL-Ch., Dt. Ch. PSK, Dt. Ch. VDH, KSg. Jaguar des Jardins de l'Armonial
Horus de Basmour
Femke des Jardins de l'Armonial
C.I.B. LU CH Wiener Kindl-Isis
Dan z Puklického mlýna
Austria Ch. Wiener Kindl Finette