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Bello Rosario's Eccola Mia Evita  

DOB: 08-07-2016
Deceased: -
RegNo: -
Color: Pied
Country of origin: Norway
Owner : Catamada
Breeder : BelloRosario
Co owner Catamada

COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 95%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 60 in 5 gen. (96.77%), unique: 57)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
Nelson De La Coeur De La Mer
Nelson De La Coeur De La Mer
Halfpenny Diamond Cube
Red Blooded Coolio
Vertesi-orfeusz Spike
MULTI.CH,CL.CH,Cz.JCH, 4xBOB, Bertrand De La Gord Iz Palevyh Buldogov 4xCAC, 2xCWC, DGY
Red Blooded Mistyc
Red Blooded Zita
Sopianae Imperator Nestor
Bag-Dadi Mandy
De La Coeur De La Mer Blanche
Xanthosz Talisman Of The Magic
Van Gogh Janoel
Xanthosz Daisy
HU CH Alcsiligeti Naomi
Alcsiligeti Givenchy
Gold-sierra Uljana
Xanthosz Talisman Of The Magic
Van Gogh Janoel
Noah Gold Janoel
Celine Goodshape`s
Xanthosz Daisy
ICH,HGCH,HCH,Ch01,Ro.Ch red Blooded Hugo Du Champagne
Perbali Dora
Amy De La Dupont
HU CH Zvezdniy Malchik
Zack Van Chartreuzemeers
Sindi Golden Ledi Lorens
Eva-gyöngye Adel
Bello Rosario's Bianca Bambina
Bello Rosario's Bianca Bambina
Mixed Color's Gomer
INT NORD UCH NV-03-05 SV-03-05 FINV-05 NORDV-05 Ottobyens Perfekt Otto
N DK UCH Go-lunå's Benni
Ottobyen's Hercule Poirot
Ottobyen's Great Garlic
N S UCH Ottobyen's Bullma Nahani
N UCH Banerjee Boniface
Ottobyen`s Lea Linselus
Mixed Colors Creme De La Creme
NO CH, SE CH Anbetri's Kama
DK CH, NO CH, INT CH, DE CH, Leiböll's Olfert
Babybull`s Jollie
Superteams Ulla Jackson
SE UCH Le Formidable Nelson-s-Teams
Ringside`s Helene La Douce
Starbull's Frøken Pippi
Starbull's Frøken Pippi
Bäring Nords Wotan
Dauløkkes Elysee Le Beau
DJCH VDH DKUCH Daulökke's Sedeux Le Superbe'
INT DK VDH D UCH Dauløkke's Raffine
Bäring Nords Brynhilde
Hedehuset`s Courageux Petit-Cul
Eternal Star`s Sweet Moz
Starbull's Lady Happy Girl
French Affair's Danish Pride
FIN EST UCH FINW04 French Affair's Bill Jr
French Affair's Donna Olympia
Starbull's Arinel Nellan
N UCH Babybull`s Hercules
Superteams Prinsessan Märta Malou
Direct offspring
no data
From same sire and dam:
Bello Rosario's Eccola Mia Evelina
Bello Rosario's Eccola Mia Estella
From same sire (Nelson De La Coeur De La Mer):
no data
From same dam (Bello Rosario's Bianca Bambina):
With: Mixed Colors Lohner
Bello Rosario's Diamo Di Nemo
Bello Rosario's Domingo Di Nemo
Bello Rosario's Donna Di Nemo
Bello Rosario's Dorina Di Nemo