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Bello Rosario's Copia Di Doris  

DOB: 05-12-2014
Deceased: -
RegNo: NO30022/15
Color: Brindle
Country of origin: Norway
Owner : BelloRosario
Breeder : BelloRosario

COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0.29%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 88%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 50 in 5 gen. (80.65%), unique: 44)
Bello+Rosario%27s+Copia+Di+Doris Bello+Rosario%27s+Copia+Di+Doris
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
LUX BUL MAC CH Cassiusclay De El Potentissimo
Cassiusclay De El Potentissimo
Teno V.D Mestreechteneerks
Achille V. D Zuylenstede
NL CH FIV-01-03 Kadin's Urkan V Sans Pareil
Unic De La Parure
NL CH Joli Kadin V. Sans Pareil
NL CH Blossom Bloom V. D Zuylenstede
Jeske V.d. Mestreechteneerkes
Igo V. Hartogs Vreugd
Beppie V D Mestreechteneerkes
Betty Boop Du Terroir De Frontfroide
INT CH FR CH Tis V.d Mestreechteneerkes
Servee V.d. Mestreechteneerkes
Jeske V.d. Mestreechteneerkes
Igo V. Hartogs Vreugd
Beppie V D Mestreechteneerkes
Pina V.d. Mestreechteneerkes
Pablo-picasso De La Parure
NL CH Truus V.d. Mestreechteneerkes
Starbull's Frøken Pippi
Starbull's Frøken Pippi
Bäring Nords Wotan
Bäring Nords Wotan
Dauløkkes Elysee Le Beau
DJCH VDH DKUCH Daulökke's Sedeux Le Superbe'
Georgie Unic V. Muppy's Place
DK S UCH Leiböll's Praline
INT DK VDH D UCH Dauløkke's Raffine
Leiböll's Ovid
Chen-chen Chanell-number-one
Bäring Nords Brynhilde
Hedehuset`s Courageux Petit-Cul
Bloomin' World President
Quinton Queen Quinta
Eternal Star`s Sweet Moz
Starbull's Lady Happy Girl
French Affair's Danish Pride
FIN EST UCH FINW04 French Affair's Bill Jr
Bloomin' World President
Sweet Melody De L'amabilitè
French Affair's Donna Olympia
Starbull's Arinel Nellan
N UCH Babybull`s Hercules
Cupidos Crusedull
Babybull`s Favori
Superteams Prinsessan Märta Malou
Carmbull's Grand Slam
Superteams Madmoaselle Ylva-Celine
Direct offspring
With: Mixed Colors Morphus
Bello Rosario's Grazie per la Gino
Bello Rosario's Grazie per la Giella
Bello Rosario's Grazie per la Gyro
From same sire and dam:
Bello Rosario's Capolavoro Di Doris
Bello Rosario's Carolina Di Doris
Bello Rosario's Caruso Calmo Di Doris
From same sire (Cassiusclay De El Potentissimo):
no data
From same dam (Starbull's Frøken Pippi):
With: Zecudas Emperor
Bello Rosario's Agnes Prima Di Max
Bello Rosario's Andy Primo Di Max
With: Mixed Color's Gomer
Bello Rosario's Bianca Bambina
Bello Rosario's Birk amato da tutti
Bello Rosario's Bravo Bravissimo