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Pedigree Database Online

De PDO database is especially developed for breedclubs and breeders to register animals and health information, show pedigrees and calculate COI and AVK. With this information it offers the possibility for making well informed breedingdecisions to improve your breed.

The possibility's

Animal characteristics, pedigrees, pictures, litters, breeders, owners, health-information, show en other results can be entered in the database. With this data you can make trial-matings, analyse pedigrees, calculate realtime (up to) 10 generation inbreeding-coefficients and ancestor loss coefficients, and search for mutual ancestors. You can print the pedigrees in a PDF format. For your convenience we will host the site and make backups.

It's user friendly

Users and administrators can search for dogs on alphabetical order or specific characteristics. Breeders can be found in an alphabetical list , by area or even on a map. Animals can be easily added or amended from within the pedigrees. Depending on the settings users can make changes but these changes will only be visible after approval by an administrator. Users can alter their own account-information. The database is seo-friendly and can be indexed by search-engines like google.

No installation needed

You can start working in the database without installation-procedures. Technical knowledge is not required. We will host your site, backup and update the software automatically. You can make adjustments in the page-layout like changing colours and banners. You can also add extra information fields and switch on or off information-modules like showresults, litters, studdogs and breeders. Of course we can also make those adjustments for you, at small costs.


You can make unlimited users, and specify access to the various possibilities for different usergroups. That way you can make a database that is completely closed to outsiders or make it a completely open database and allow all users to make changes in the animals. You can make userfields for breed-specific issues, like special health-concerns, diseases or other information. You can switch on modules with showresults, litters, studdogs and make them visible for all or only to specific users. The database will be supplied with 3 languages (English, Dutch and German), but you can repace them with your own translation in any language you want.

Importing and exporting data of your animals:

The data from the database can be imported or exported in CSV-format to use in excel or other common databases.


The price for the use of this database with all possibilities, unlimited users, an English manual, English and Dutch email support for administrator questions, updates and hosting on is €250,00 for the first year (including first setup) and €150,- for every following year.
These prices are only valid if you do not charge your users for the use of this database. If you do want to ask a fee for access to the database please contact us for the possibilities.
If you are interested we can setup a trial-database so you can test it before you decide.



You can contact us at
Address: Renssenstraat 10a | 6811MC | Arnhem | The Netherlands

Lots of features:
- pedigrees 3/8 generations
- reverse pedigrees
- virtual pedigrees
- pedigree analasys tools
- breederpages
- litters
- results from shows and events
- progeny and siblings
- COI and AVK
User friendly:
- easy search
- advanced search
- add animals in pedigree
- search breeders on map
- orderly organised
- easy to manage
- make your own translation (Englisch,Dutch and German are provided)
- write and edit your own texts
- adjustable menu
- turn modules on or off
- adjust colors
- upload your own header
- adjustable informationfields
Easy to manage:
- make usergroups
- approve entire pedigrees in one click
- email notifications on changes
- automatic backups
- unlimited users/administrators
- englisch/dutch support by email
- import/export csv(excell)
- Google analytics
- we host it for you

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